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Messages of Solidarity

Occupy La Trobe has received lots of support from many people and groups, to whom we are very grateful. These include:


The University of Melbourne

University of Newcastle

University of Canberra

Australian National University

Queensland University

University of New South Wales

Macquarie University

The University of Marburg (Germany)

Californian students

Chilean students

Representatives from Left Action at Monash University Student Union have also stated they will forward a motion today:

In full support of the student movement at La Trobe university;
Condemning the La Trobe student union for their attitude towards the protests;
Condemning the liberal club president for his comments.


We also offer many thanks to those who have donated food and money to the Occupation, in particular the staff members who opened a tab at one of the cafés so we could have a hot breakfast.



Students from the “Stop the HUSS Cuts Collective” have voted to occupy the La Trobe University campus in Bundoora indefinitely, starting tonight.

At a meeting on campus this afternoon, students voted to occupy the campus with a number of students volunteering to stay overnight and indefinitely until Open Day. The collective also demanded the rejection of the proposed cuts, for the university to enter into negotiations with the NTEU in good faith, a shift in focus on saving money to saving jobs and for a redistribution of executive pay to save other jobs at the university.

In response to the camp established tonight, the University has threatened to exclude the students involved from their courses. Further the University has advised Humanities and Social Science staff to not attend Open Day.

“After short changing students on their courses and a superficial consultation about the cuts, John Dewar is having to resort to threats to stop our protest. We will not be intimidated and will continue to exercise our democratic right to free speech on campus”, said Danica Cheesley from the Stop the HUSS Cuts Collective.

The overnight occupation has been called in response to the cuts proposed by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The cuts have provoked significant outrage from students at all of La Trobe University’s campuses as they will lead to further “dumbing down” of degrees and limit accessibility of courses to students.

“Students are angry about the cuts and have decided to occupy our University to demand no cuts and no job losses”, said Emma Dook, Disabilities Officer from the La Trobe Student Union.